How to Choose the Best Market Research Company in India to Expand Your Market Presence Globally?

In this age of globalisation and connectivity, no business can flourish by simply staying local. Yet, many corporations back out of their global expansion plan in fear of stepping into unchartered territories. Yes, you might not have any idea about how the market will be like in a foreign country and yes, you are right to remain skeptical about the added expenses of choosing the wrong vendors but these are what market research consultants are there for and you can expand seamlessly with the services of the best one. Follow these valuable tips to find the best among all the market research companies in India. Increase your global presence and make your business thrive.

The type of services available

You surely know the roadblocks of expanding your business in another country. Pit them against the services available in the market research companies in India and see which firm’s offerings uproot your obstacles. If finding clients is your concern, the research firm must have a marketing wing. If you seek detailed insights, the firm must deliver market research reports based on surveys.

  1. Network of vendors

  2. As an American or European company, it will certainly be cost-effective to source your raw materials locally or from nearby countries of India. And your manufacturing unit will benefit if the market research firm has contacts with strategic vendors. Pick a firm that engages in low-cost country sourcing from India and Vietnam to help you keep expenses in check.

  3. Audits with actionable plans

  4. On paper, almost all market research companies in India can carry out audits. But the quality of the same will widely vary. A great audit is the one that accompanies actionable plans so that you do not have to waste time planning strategic moves. The market research consulting firm conducted the audit and is best placed to make actionable suggestions. You will want to hire such a firm that has your back.

  5. Experience matters

  6. As a business, you already know how valuable experience is and you will want the same in your market research company. Look for at least a decade’s worth of market experience combined with a variety of clients. The portfolio does not need to look endless but a few years and clients should tell you that you are hiring the right firm.