Overall Plant Improvement/Supplier Upgradation Program (Six months to one year project tie-up)

Supplier Audit, Improvement and Inspection

These are three phases where a supplier audit can be done:

  • Selection Audits – Auditing your suppliers during the selection phase will ensure that you have the vendor that delivers exactly what you are expecting from it. 
  • On-boarding Suppliers – Organizations should audit the vendor during the supplier onboarding process as this could help with the setting of any objectives and goals for the ongoing relationship.
  • Continuous Improvement Audits –Once you have an established supplier, it is must that to establish a consistent annual or quarterly audit to ensure that the agreed standards are being properly maintain

Supplier Upgradation/Plant Improvement:

  • Complete Review of Plant layout and suggestions to be provided as per requirement. 
  • Material handling equipment changes and Improvements. Implementation of Gravity flow racks. 
  • Review of Quality Standards and documents.
  • 5s Improvements. 
  • Suggestions on Safety in the plant. 
  • Red Tag Implementation. 
  • Rejection Management 
  • Complete plants Audits (Weekly by Consulting team) 
  • Quality review board Implementation 
  • Quality Meetings (Once in 15 days between Quality Head and Consulting Team) 
  • Calibration in the plants. 
  • Inventory Management. 
  • Quality Review with Management in the end of Month. (Every month).