We follow the PDCA approach– a continual improvement cycle.

  • Understanding voice of customer – We work with our customers to first understand their requirement/need

  • Plan(Scope of work planning) – Once we collect all the required information from Customer, we design scope of work with detailed project plan having clear timelines. Once mutually agreed, we move to next phase of supplier Search

  • Do – In this critical phase, we use our innovative insights and functional expertise to find competent suppliers as per customer geographies requirement. This step is critical and define the path for development of parts from different geographies. In our view point, projects didn’t go to development stage if supplier identification task is not done in a right way

  • Check – We take extreme care to check the supplier credentials like technical expertise, capability, financial health, any compliance check, responsiveness and most importantly prices offered. We do our own should do costing and Benchmarking to make correct recommendations

  • Act – Once all goes well, we help Buyer and supplier sign the contract for development. We can manage the entire consulting efforts  at this stage or if buyer wish to take the assignment on his own from his to take it forward